Subaru Robin engine model EH12-2 is perfect engine for rammer work

2014-08-21 14:15:57 admin 3

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Aluminum Alloy Block

Aluminum alloy block with cast-iron cylinder liners provides enhanced durability and extended engine life.


Specific rammer design ensures exceptional and reliable performance in a durable, sustaining package.

Dual Ball Bearing Crankshaft Support

Dual ball bearing crankshaft support provides reliable performance even in demanding rammer applications.


Electronic Ignition

Electronic ignition with automatic timing adjustment ensures easier starting than competitive models.


Lightweight Design


Lightweight design increases mobility and ensures optimum rammer balance.

Vertical Cylinder Design


Vertical cylinder design maintains an excellent center of gravity to efficiently transmit power to the ground, ensuring performance second to none.

Three-Year Limited Warranty


Subaru provides a three-year limited warranty. See warranty policy for details.