Honda GX Series Gasoline Engines

2014-08-10 21:01:51 admin 10

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Honda GX Series Engines – The Next Generation

In 1983, Honda Motor Company developed a revolutionary new 4-stroke, overhead valve engine that defined the future of small engine technology.

Now, almost 27 years later, Honda introduces the next generation of GX engines by offering more power, more quiet, less fuel consumption and less emissions than ever before. All this in a configuration that doesn’t require modifications to equipment currently set up for the current GX Series.

More Power

The new Honda GX Series engines offer up to 6% more power over the original models. The increase in power is achieved through several innovative improvements.

  • The new GX series now employs a digital CDI ignition system to dramatically improve ignition timing.
  • The compression ratio has been increased
  • Combustion air flow has been enhanced through a more efficient air cleaner design that reduces air flow restriction.


Less Noise

You’ll enjoy noise reduction levels ranging from 2.5 to 8db thanks to Honda’s re-designed air cleaner and muffler. Vibration levels have also been reduced through the use of an all new, light weight piston.

Less Fuel

Fuel consumption has been reduced by 10% through dramatically improved combustion efficiency.  The new GX series offers:

  • Improved ignition timing
  • Smaller inlet port and
  • Increased compression ratio.

This means longer runs times and lower fuel costs for Honda owners.